Records Wanted

Artists like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and The Rolling Stones will always be collectible. I am looking for LPs, singles and EPs in excellent condition

Vinyl releases by contemporary artists such as U2, Muse, Metallica, iron Maiden, Oasis, Coldplay etc are always wanted. I am also interested in Limited Editions and promos on vinyl or CD.

So, you have a record collection stored in the attic or the garage. Maybe it's even in your living room on shelves you never reach for. Either way, it is gathering dust, no longer played and (if you're honest) no longer truly wanted. As long as the sleeves are not torn, badly scuffed, written on etc and as long as the vinyl isn't scratched then give me a call! I need things to be in decent condition, even a rare Beatles LP is worthless if its scratched to bits with a ripped cover, but I don't expect things to be mint - although I won't complain if they are! The better the condition then the higher the price I will pay. I understand that records have an emotional attachment and I always treat people with respect and courtesy when I visit them in their home to view the collection. If I want to buy your records I will offer the best price I realistically can and deal with you with honesty and integrity.

About Me

What record collections am I looking for?

I am interested in these music genres:

• 60's pop, mod, rock & beat groups

• Classic 70's rock, psychedelic & progressive rock

• Folk, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Ska & Reggae

• Punk, Indie, Britpop and Alternative Rock

• Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash etc

Sorry, but I do NOT buy:

• Country & Western

• 80's chart pop (e.g Wham! Duran Duran)

• Crooners and Easy Listening (Shirley Bassey etc)

• Big Band Swing or Trad Jazz

• Classical records, military or brass bands

• Techno, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop

What about CDs?

I deal almost exclusively in vinyl. I only buy CDs if they are limited editions, promos, box sets, out of print or hard to find. I am particularly interested in 80's indie bands of the 'C86' period. I will pay good prices for CD singles from these groups, especially bands like The Smiths & labels like Sarah Records (CD or Vinyl)

I run a small on-line business and have been trading since 2005. I have an eBay shop and I also sell on Discogs.

I have developed a good understanding of what is collectible in rock & pop and as the years have gone by my knowledge and experience have grown. I love music and I am passionate about what I do. I enjoy seeing the records I find move on to excited new owners all over the World!

Cassette Tapes?

There has been a slight upsurge of interest in the humble cassette tape in recent times, but in all honesty very few are collectible. I would be interested in original 60's Beatles cassette and 8-Track cartridge tapes, and original first issue releases from the 70's by the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. Some indie tapes from the C86 era and any demo cassettes from established artists would also be considered


I am always looking to buy music memorabilia such as concert programmes, ticket stubs, posters, badges, t-shirts, magazines, music books & postcards, press releases, shop displays, autographed items etc

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